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Auto Detailing in Deltona, FL

Extreme Image Detailing provides custom auto detailing services in Deltona, FL, for cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, and boats. Our team of trained automotive detailing experts offers the highest customer satisfaction and personalized attention our clients expect. Our services include car wash, paint correction services, and ceramic coating services, to name a few. Clients from all over Volusia County, including DeBary, DeLand, Orange City, and Sanford, trust Extreme Image Detailing for their auto detailing needs. Can't get to our facility? No, problem. Our mobile detailing service will come to your home or office.

Full-Service Car Wash

We offer several car washes and detailing packages, from a regular full-service wash and detail package to an extreme detail that will keep your vehicle looking its best. Our full-service car wash and detail package includes hand wash, wax, dry, vacuum interior, shampoo carpets and seats, tire dressing, and sanitizing. A ceramic coating is included in our deluxe package.

Paint Correction Services

Our paint correction services are typically performed before applying a ceramic coating. Your car, truck, or boat most likely has some areas of the vehicle with paint defects due to UV damage. Paint correction is a specialized polishing process performed by trained professionals to restore the paint surface to its original luster by removing swirls, webbing, and other defects. If your car or SUV looks dull or has paint defects, our auto detailing professionals can restore it to its like-new shiny appearance.

Ceramic Coating Services

Who doesn't want their car to look shiny? Unfortunately, rainy weather and the sun's UV rays slowly degrade car paint, causing it to chip, fade, and look dull. Ceramic coating can provide paint protection that is far superior to car wax. It will increase its glossiness and protect the paint surface against chipping and scratches. In addition, it provides excellent UV protection and can withstand temperatures of up 1200°F. The ceramic coating will lock in your vehicle’s shiny appearance and protect the paint surface for years to come.

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